About living community De Bondgenoot

De Bondgenoot is a living community in the Dutch town Barneveld. Over 30 people live together on a friendly base. By meeting eachother every day we can inspire one another to be a more beautiful and better human being and carry a strong, spiritual base. That’s how we create a place for people to make a fresh, new start.

A new start

The community is a warm, positive environment for people who are motivated to give their lifes new meaning. If you want to be part of our community, then it’s important that you chose to:

* work on your life and to change things about yourself
* be part of the existing daily structure from eating, drinking coffee and other activities
* activally work with the community, at own capacity, to keep our community life going
* not avoid communication or meeting other Bondgenoten (alies)


Spirituality is the fundament of De Bondgenoot. It all started with a vision to live together as a group of friends and create a warm, friendly and safe place for people who miss this in society life. De Bondgenoot means The Alie, because we want to stand next to eachother in life. In 1987 the community was founded and the founder is Stephen Boonzaaijer. He is a very inspirational man who started talking with eight other couples to fill in the details of his vision and make this dream come true together.


In the middle of an ordinary neighborhood in the town De Bondgenoot forms a little village with 14 appartments, 8 familyhouses, a communal garden and a big communal house (het grote huis). Every occupant/inhabitant has its own appartment or house and chooses to live a communal life as well. The big house is the place where we eat together, work and meet eachother at daily basis. Here, in this big house, are also all kinds of activities.


If you want to know more, please contact us via info@bondgenoot.nl .